System v3.01

an effective Automated Scrapcar System developed by Marriotts Media Solutions.

Automated Scrapcar System: Frontend

The system works by first asking for the vehicle registration number and an active postcode. If a company has been allocated to this postcode then the customer will get a valid quotation, if not they will be shown a message that you do not cover that area etc.

Once the customer has a valid quotation they can except it by completing their contact details and some extra vehicle questions, this then goes in to the system for processing. If they reject the offer they can still complete another form for a call from you to discuss their needs.

There is a built-in testimonial section within the website and on all quotations. The testimonials are displayed on the footer of the website, all testimonials are first vetted by the system admin before going on to the website.

The last ten vehicles submitted are also shown in the footer, this show potential customers how busy you are and also helps with the search engine rankings.

There is any automated SEO system for towns which is included in the larger package.

Frontend View

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Automated Scrapcar System: Admin

The admin side of the system, keeps full records of submitted vehicles and allows the user to process them through the system as follows: New > Allocated > Completed or Cancelled and then Archived.

Our system allows multiple recycling companies to be added and assigned areas by postcode and individual pricing, there is an override so the main admin can take any of the vehicles first i.e. cherry picking.

Each company can have multiple drivers assigned to them and these can be activated or de-activated depending on if they are at work. Any job that is allocated to a company can be sent to individual drivers within that company.

The whole process will send out emails and SMS texts on each stage or update of the system. Each company will be provided with a login and can keep their records up to date, i.e. mobile numbers, contact details and invoicing. All job details are also available via the login and can be updated by them to completion, once the vehicle has been picked up.

You also have access to an internal messaging system and administrators can send out bulk SMS texts to all or just one company. It includes full search capabilities for submitted vehicles and invoices, a CMS section for adding new pages etc.

There are other sections within the admin area, all relating to the setup of the system, companies, drivers, postcodes and testimonials.

Admin View

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Admin 2