our process is slightly different from other companies, as we show you a working demo website not just a printed image.


When you sign up with us you will be asked to pay 50% deposit upfront with the balance due when your site goes live.

50% Deposit Payment with Protection Contract Upon Appointment

We accept debit cards, credit cards or bank transfers. Hosting charges start from when you sign up.

From our initial meeting and information gathering, we will develop a timetable of activities for you and for us, so you can rest assured we are all working together for the same goal.

Full Customer References from REAL Customers Available

Our Development Process


After you sign up we will ask you to complete a short design questionnaire. This allows us to understand what you want and we can then research what your competitors are doing.

Ideas, Needs and Marketing Goals

We will look at current design trends, and determine what will work well from a marketing perspective. This stage is all about us understanding what you want but adding our design and marketing experience to complement your project.

Our Development Process


Dropbox Uploads

If you haven’t used Dropbox before, it’s a useful tool for sharing files and it eliminates the need for multiple emails with files and content for your website saving time and also the risk of anything going missing.

We will set up a dedicated folder for you to use. We ask that you use this to upload all your content, photos, logos and anything else that you want to include in your site. You are welcome to share this folder with others such as graphic designers who might want to load up your logo on your behalf.


Your website designer will create a live working demo website for you to review and then work with you until you are happy to sign it off. We offer unlimited revisions until sign off. Please note that once the design is approved and the project moves onto the build stage that any design changes may incur an additional charge.

Live Demo Website on Our Test Server

Once that is done, we will go away and start to finalise the design of your website. After any amendments to the design, you will know what the end product will look like as we put all our designs on to a live test server.

Our Development Process


Once the design is agreed the website will be built. This involves taking the agreed design and coding it so that it works across all different devices and screen sizes. Every website that we create is built Mobile First (responsive).

Keywords, Search Engine Optimisation and Core Audience

At this stage you will also need to supply the words for every page and if it’s an ecommerce website we will show you how to add categories and products to the website.

Our Development Process


When the website is ready to go live, it can be added to our hosting servers, or if you already have this facility it can be added to your existing hosting. If you already own your domain name then we will work through the different options to recommend the best domain configuration for your project.

50% Completion Payment Upon Launch

Regardless of if it is a new domain or an existing domain we will also let Google know to re-index the website, add a sitemap and all the relevant .htaccess files and security needs.

Our Development Process


Our job does not end when the site goes live. For a lot of clients that is where it starts!

SEO, Maintenance, Security and Hacker Prevention

We are here to support you if you need it, and if you have any updates that you can’t or don’t want to do through the CMS we can provide these under our hourly support charge or via our monthly maintenance packages. We also offer SEO services where we tune your website to rank better for agreed key terms in Google.

Our Development Process