Outlook 2013/2016
Using IMAP

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Before you start, you need your:
  • Username and password
  • SMTP mail server (mail.yourdomain.com)
  • POP3 or IMAP mail server (mail.yourdomain.com)

1. Open Account Settings
  • In Outlook 2013 or 2016 go up to the upper left and click File, then go to InfoAccount and Social Network SettingsAccount Settings to open the Account Settings window.
  • Click the Email tab if not already selected.

start new account

2. Setup an account
  • Click the New… button.

Email account settings window

3. Auto Account Setup
  • Select Manual setup or additional server types and click Next.

Manual config choice screen

4. Choose an email Service
  • Select POP or IMAP and then click Next in the Add Account window.

Type of account - Pop/IMAP

5. Enter your Internet email settings
  • Enter the following in each field:
    • Your Name: your full name, including spaces and capitalisation
    • Email address: your email address ([email protected])
    • Account Type: IMAP
    • Incoming mail server: mail.yourdomain.com
    • Outgoing mail server: mail.yourdomain.com
    • Username: is your email address ([email protected])
    • Password: as supplied
  • Select More Settings …

Manual server config

6. Internet email settings – Outgoing Server
  • Click the Outgoing Server tab in the Internet Email Settings window.
  • Check My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.
  • Check Use same settings as my incoming mail server.
  • Select OK and Next

Outgoing server config

7. Test Account Settings
  • Once Log onto incoming mail server (IMAP) and Send test email message tests are completed, click Close.
  • Click Finish

Test account settings