were engaged by Bespoke Dental Care to overhaul their old website with a focus on readability, user experience and conversion design.

Bespoke Dental Care

About Bespoke Dental Care

Bespoke Dental Care – – Was opened in association with Bespoke Denture Centre, to offer you a first class service, providing all your dental care in a relaxed and friendly environment.

The Brief

The company needed to re-design it’s current website in order to convey appropriately and responsibly the business values and to increase their overall search engine position. The majority of the content existed on their current website, however this wasn’t particularly accessible. A major problem we had to tackle was how to convey this information in a clean, easy to find and accessible way.

Bespoke Dental Care

The Strategy

Through discovery meetings and phone calls with our client we understood that the success rate for this website will be determined by the ease at which visitors can find this information. Therefore we carefully planned a logical navigation system whilst designing elements to enhance the information already available. We determined that the website would benefit from a simple two colour palate and that the pages should be structured so that visitors can easily jump between sections and services. Visual cues throughout the website encourage visitors to connect with an adviser.