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What is LinkedIn For?

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LinkedIn has been with us for 11 years as a professional social network. There are 300 million members, of whom about two-thirds log in once a month. Why? What value do members get?

Why LinkedIn is morphing from a social network into an online newspaper, Leo Mirani, Quartz (May 1)

Common view is that it is good for finding a job – or being found. But endorsements and recommendations may be “meaningless”.

By adding news streams LinkedIn gives its users more reasons to log in. Groups – and the opportunity to discuss with others – increases activity.

LinkedIn is counting on people to use the network as a platform to express their own thoughts, hoping they will spread the word themselves. Like any writer, those publishing on LinkedIn will want their work to be read, essentially giving LinkedIn free promotion and giving its millions of members an incentive to bring others to the platform. If the approach works, it will boost pageviews and users and, eventually, ad revenue.

Of Interest: “Non-US users now make up two-thirds of LinkedIn’s membership, versus only one-third five years ago. “

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